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Melao story

Bring the beauty to everyone. ” 

Ever wondered what the secret is to beauty? As the saying goes, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Every woman loves to look beautiful and feel amazing. With such beauty comes confidence and pride that redefines a woman’s life, giving them an aura that they can concur all. The beauty industry is a highly competitive and ever-evolving industry with brands competing to appease the consumer and win them over. Fancy meeting people, and they ask, what is the secret to your flawless skin?
A husband took his wife out on a date to commemorate their anniversary, and he couldn’t help but admire her beauty. As the years passed, she seemed to be getting more beautiful and looked younger. The man wanted to know the wife’s secret. She told him the money that he earns goes a long way to ensure she retains her flawless skin. Amused but with a lot of pride, the man asked the wife to show him her ways so that they could both grow young together. With great affirmation, the wife boldly said the secret is, Melao.


skin care
Toners, essences, masks, lotions, creams, eye creams,Sun protection,body creams

Shampoo, hair conditioner, hair mask, hair oil,Hair wax,Hair cream

SOAP,SHOWER GEL,Facial cleanser, cleansing oil, scrub, exfoliating cream

Oral care
Toothpaste, mouthwash, whitening tooth powder, stain removing tooth powder


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